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This Has Gotta Be Illegal

Last month we purchased a new Honda CRV, our third from this same new car dealer. Each vehicle has been financed over 48 months through Honda Financial Services. Discussions for this most recent car were exclusively in consideration of payments extending over the course of 48 months. Not 36. Not 60. Forty-eight months... just like the other two. This CRV was purchased at the sticker price of just over $27,000 (including the $850 "destination charge"). We were offered 0.9% financing and were told our payments would be around $575. Quick math proves that $575 x 48 months= $27,600. Just received our first statement and I quickly saw where the current "payoff amount" of the vehicle is over $35,000... and the length of the term is 60 months! We checked our packet of documents and see that the contract does indeed say "60 months". This is undoubtedly unethical... but, how can it possibly be legal to rope a consumer into considerably overpaying $35,000 for a $25,000 MSRP vehicle? What recourse do I have? I'm sure as hell not gonna pay $10,000 OVER MSRP for ANY car!