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90 days to find a car

On August 12/16 I finalize a car but was not sure of the colour. On the bill of sale, I had them write that I might be changing the colour and maybe the trim if the colour was not available in the existing trim.

For days now, we have been trying to negotiate a price for the upper trim unsuccessfully. The dealer wants me to pay for the shipping charges, block heater charges (no idea what that is and asked them and they gave me a round about story). They are forcing me to buy rust proofing and anti-theft program when the car already comes with some type of anti theft program.

Originally, I had agreed to purchase rust proof but that was because the car was of a lower trim and affordable. To make the upper trim payments affordable, I wanted to remove rust proofing which caused them a heart attack and basically told me "I cannot change any 'extras' that I had purchased in the earlier car". That I can only change the colour and the trim. Why would I pay for anti-theft program when it comes standard with the car? How stupid!

Long story short, I told them to get me a different colour in the trim I signed the papers for with a $1,000.00 deposit. Now they are telling me, no other colours are available, I have to go with the one I originally picked, despite making it clear to them on the same day and on the bill of purchase that I will be rethinking the colour.

The floor manager was so cocky and told me to go to the OMVIC website to see that they are well within their right to hold my deposit for 90 days. Actually, at first he told me he needs 90 days to find the colour, I said "fine, I can wait". Then immediately he said, he may not be able to find me the colour, to which I said, then return my deposit. The games they play!

I returned home and sent the sales rep, the floor manager and the business manager an email letting them know that I am agreeing to wait 90 days so long as the terms of the bill of sale apply, and that includes 0.49% interest on the 2016 model. Further, I sent them a link of colours available from another dealer here in Toronto, Ontario. I requested they get me the preferred colour from the local dealer so no shipping charges are incurred. I have not heard back from them.

I am wondering what tiny print games they are playing and should I approach OMVIC and the media ahead of time. I know Globe and Mail runs dealer cheating articles on occasion. I don’t want to aggravate the situation because I want the car, just not in the colour they are giving me and certainly not after the promotion has expired (the 90 days results in missing out on the promotion).

Is my email enough to hold them to the 0.49% if they call me on Sept 1st, day after the promotion ends? Just don’t understand how difficult they can be after they get a deposit.

Any suggestions would be immensely appreciated. Thank you!