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1954 Ford Truck restoration

I am near the end of restoring my 1954 F 250/ I have a question about the running board rubber seal. How does it fit? Also, what is the proper order for putting in the running boards and the fenders. I am having trouble placing them without scratching the new paint job. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am from the New Orleans area and love your website.

Re: 1954 Ford Truck restoration

Hi Charlie.
to answer your question Or how I do it, is to install the running board first. Tape /mask off your bedto protect your paint( Make it so you can remove it once the fender is intalled) hang fender and install nuts. DON'T tighten nuts, leave them loose so you can align fender and install running board gromet once everything is aligned to suit, tighten nuts and remove masking. Hope that helped!

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