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Show-Me F100's
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53 f-100 VIN

I have a 53 f-100 that does not have a title. I have been told the the VIN is going to be on the door. Is this true and if so it isn't their. Anywere else I could find it. Is it posible to get a missouri title without it? Its a great truck and i would love to fix it up but want to make sure it can be titled first.


Re: 53 f-100 VIN

I just bought a 52 and dont have a title either. If you find out where to find a vin please let me know. Thanks, Rod. P.S. Send me some pics of your truck sometime.

Re: 53 f-100 VIN

The VIN can be found on the frame. Typically they are somewhere between the firewall and the center of the front suspension. Most are on the passenger side, but I have heard of a few being on the drivers.

AS far as the state issue, check with the local DNV (whatever you call it in your state). There is a legal procedure to get a legal title. It usually takes about $150 and a few weeks to do.

Re: 53 f-100 VIN

They usually are on the frame between the firewall and the front suspension. Most of the time on the passenger side, but not always.

Each state has a way to get a legal title. Check with your DMV.