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Show-Me F100's
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1964 Ford F100 w/ 292 V8

Ok. so my dad is doing a complete restoration on his 1964 Ford F100 that he recently purchased from his cousin. Its in excellent condition as the painters have been saying about the body. It is now in the body shop and the body is being taken off the chassis to be painted an original color of red and white. He is rebuilding the engine right now at his personal shop and is really curious about the original colors of the engine block and the engine valve covers. It looks like the valve colors were red as they are still mostly painted but he wants to be very certain as he wishes to enter this truck into shows alongside of his 1966 Ford F100 with a V6. If anybody knows these original colors for sure it would be greatly appreciated and will help in our restoration process. He is serious about putting everything back stock and wants no customizations. Thank you very much.
-Tyler Newman
Brevard, North Carolina
(828) 877-4488

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