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Crane Christmas Parade

The organizers of the Crane Christmas Parade love cool cars, classic or custom, old or new, and would love for you to participate with your car. The parade is a small one, held in the evening and would make a fun activity to insert into your weekend.

There will be one trophy (all cars lumped into an “open” class), but don’t let that prevent you from coming, we would love to see your car and have you participate regardless whether or not you feel your car is “show worthy”.

Please pass this on to anyone you feel might be interested and especially to others in your club. Heck bring your car club and motor together with your banner. You never know, you might add to your membership.

The Parade is Saturday December 6 at 6:00 pm. Line-up is at 5:30 pm at the City Park (middle of town, just past the railroad tracks on Hwy 413). Call Bob Savage at 850-529-0429 with any questions. Ask for me upon arrival, or I’ll probably seek you out (it’ll be easy)!

Hope to see you,

Bob Savage
Crane Christmas Parade
Crane, MO

Upcoming Event: Crane Christmas Parade