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signs for body parts

Help! I am doing a unit on Body parts in September does any one know where I can get free pictures of signs for common body parts? I am teaching in a Multiply Disabled class and try to using everything I can to get info across.

Re: signs for body parts

Hi, Molly.
I certainly understand your classroom situation - I have one almost just as varied as what you describe! When I taught body parts and used ASL signs, I found this great book entitled American Sign Language Medical Dictionary. The book is put out by Random House and is written by Elaine Costello. It has everything you need and you can order it through Amazon. I think Lesson Tutor has an Amazon link on the home page you can use to access the Amazon site. Lesson Tutor plans to have a "body parts song" in our Lesson Tutor store of downloadable files in the fall. It will teach parts of the body as well as motions, for example: "This is the way I wash my face" or "This is the way I brush my teeth, hang up my coat, wash my hands," etc. Check back in September. It's going to take a little time to draw all the files, but hopefully it will be ready soon. Well, it's time for me to go and get my own classroom ready ... where DID the summer go???
Elaine Schneider