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Everyone needs a little help now and then.
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Re: help!!!

Looking at the Perigee Visual Dictionary Of Signing by Butterworth and Flodin, I find the following descriptions for "dance" and "imagine":

dance - point the left flat upturned hand to the right; then swing the downturned fingers of the right V hand from side to side over the left palm.
Memory aid: The fingers of the V hand represent the dancing legs of a person.

imagine - Hold right I hand near forehead with palm facing in. Move the I hand forward and upward in a few rolling circles.
Memory aid: Suggest futuristic thoughts coming from the mind.

You might want to consider buying this dictionary if you do very much signing. It's really wonderful and has pictures with all descriptions. You can purchase it by clicking the Amazon icon on the home page of Lesson Tutor. I love mine!

Happy Signing,
Elaine Schneider