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I need information about where I can learn ASL

hi my name is Cesarina and I 'm a deaf woman, i need some information about where i can learn Asl if there is any school or club where i can learn Asl in Arlington TX, please send your information to my e-mail: I'll be so glad if you send me this information as soon as possible, thank you for attempting this message.
With Love, Cesarina

Re: I need information about where I can learn ASL

did you find any information on asl.....i have started working at high school level and student is deaf ,,,help me , as soon as you get information please send me the email addresses, or website, thanks

Re: Re: I need information about where I can learn ASL

I'll copy/paste the message I sent to Cesarina. I'm sorry - I didn't see your note until today!

My website partner, Elaine Ernst Schneider, used to teach sign language classes when she still lived in Texas. Based on her teaching notes, we have about 3 dozen of those lessons posted on the Lesson Tutor website. For the complete list, see:

We also sell some optional supplies in our Store that will also help expand your sign vocabulary beyond our free lessons.

Because Texas is one of the States that recognizes ASL as a Ďforeigní language for credit in schools, you should be able to find lots of course offerings around. These might be sponsored through your local community colleges or any branch of the National Hearing Societies. Donít discount the experience of your family physicianís office (or an ENT Dr.ís) for leads to whatís available in your neighbourhood.

The hardest part of learning on your own is practicing. You can only go so far watching yourself (backwards) in a mirror! Grab a family member, friend or colleague and sign up! Donít worry about speed. That will come in time.

Have fun with this direction your life is taking.

Joanne Mikola