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I made the front page of the OC Register!

Page 1, Saturday, December 2, 2006
Huntington gadfly airborne
A man who goaded elected officials is now one of them.
Meet the new Norm "Firecracker" Westwell.
You might not recognize him in the new suits he just bought at the Men's Wearhouse. That's because Westwell was more of a flip-flops and tie-dyed shirt kind of guy.
He's hanging with a new crowd, too. They're the ones he used to taunt monthly on a podium about the Fourth of July and PowerPoint presentations and government spending at Huntington Beach City Hall.
Now they're rubbing elbows at public events. Because that's what politicians do.
After seven years of running for every public office he could – from challenging Sen. Tom Harman for state Assembly to vying four times for a spot on the Huntington Beach City Council – Westwell has finally graduated from activist to politician.
Starting this month, he'll be one of five members of the Ocean View School District board. It only took him three tries to get the job.

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