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Just A word about Karl

Karl Hess was my Big Brother (in the Big Brother Program) and we spent alot of time together until he passed. He and his wife and his boys were great people and they will always in my thoughts. I found this site when I googled his name and when I saw his picture I wanted to say a few words about him. When I was in school I had to write a paper on someone famous and I picked Karl,with his help I wrote it and he checked it for errors and we both agreeed it was grade A. When my teacher read it she gave me a C and said it was because Karl Hess was a Radical. Well Karl got very upset (thats putting it nicely) and told me what my responce should be and she changed my grade to a B+. Thanks for your time BYE

Re: Just A word about Karl - by Dallas E. Legan ... - Jan 17, 2008 4:03pm
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