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Re: Bruce Cohen is no friend of Medical Marijuana activists and patients.

I'm pleased to respond to Mister Westwell's allegations. Nothing could be further from the truth than what Normie has to say.

In point of fact, I have a long record, dating back to 1979, of being a point person for the legalization of Marijuana in general, and of Medical Marijuana in specific.

Mister Westwell is unhappy with me for two reasons.
In general, he has a personal grudge that he can't get over, in specific, he has a history of asking people to pretend they are from Huntington Beach to 'trick' the City Council and Staff into thinking there is more support for Norm than their really is.

I don't object to Norm working on behalf of legalization of Medical Marijuana. I do object to him using dishonest tactics to do so.

One can read my article on the Internet called 'Cheaters Never Prosper' about the first time he did this.

The article lives on the Internet still, years later:

One can also search for themselves my role in getting the Medical Marijuana ID Card legalized in Orange County, a real and successful effort that Mister Westwell was 100% absent from.

I respond only to defend myself from the man who gave himself his own nickname, the Fire Cracker.

Let the record show I am not interested in any sort of discourse with him, and am much happier that way.

Please visit my website and blog to see my real opinions on life and politics:

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Replying to:

Bruce Cohen is no friend of Medical Marijuana activists and patients.
Bruce Cohen is no friend to the Libertarian Party.
Bruce Cohen works against our efforts again and again. Here it just the latest example of Bruce Cohen working AGAINST Medical Marijuana patients and dispensaries.

Libertarians! Take notice and remember these things when Bruce Cohen again tries to become a leader in our LP organization.

Bruce’s original email to the City of Huntington Beach regarding item B-1 on the HB Planning Commission Meeting for 9/25/07 can be found here:
It is Attachment 1.9

These public records will also go to the HB City Council when the item comes before them. In my opinion, Bruce’s actions are a disgrace to all MMJ patients and hard working activists.

Shame on you Bruce Cohen !!! Your personal vendetta against me is only causing harm to sick people and activists. You actions do nothing to harm me personally. I hope you are very proud of your self.

Save the LP. Get rid of Bruce.

A very grateful THANK YOU to all who DID send email to the City Clerk in support of the issue. I personally consider you to be patriots. THANK YOU!

Here is the communication sent by Bruce Cohen to the
City of Huntington Beach to become part of the public record:

From: Bruce Cohen []
Sent Thrusday, August 09,2007 11:50 PM
To: Flynn, Joan
Cc: Fikes, Cathy
Subject: Dear City Council and Clerk…

Norm Westwell is at it again.

He just broadcast an email letter accross [sic] the state Of California, asking people to flood you in support
Of the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

While I am in favor of said dispensaries, I am also
In favor of honesty and accuracy.

I suggest you require all email in support to have
The name and address (and city!) of those writing
For the email to be considered.


Bruce Cohen


From: “Norm”
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 05:05:19 –0000
Subject: [ca-liberty] The Huntington Beach Planning Commission will be holding

The Huntington Beach Planning Commission will be holding a public hearing on 8/14/07 at 7pm on the issue of banning medical marijuana dispensaries in HB.

This could go either way.

Your email could make the difference.

HB does not ask for and does not require your address.
The more communications they receive the better.

Here is where to send them:

To be included in the public record your email should be sent to Joan Flynn the city Clerk whose address is:
address this letter to the City Clerk regarding the Med Pot dispensaries public hearing.

In addition it should also be sent to the HB City Council email to this address will be re-directed to all 7 Huntington Beach Council Members:
address this letter to: Dear City Council Members.

P.S. Providing your address is unnecessary and only serves to identify out of town senders.
It is recommended to NOT include your address information.
It IS recommended to flood the city clerk with emails in favor of your position.

Email   bruce966   Website
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