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A Valued Critic: Steve Reed

The Nobeus News Report — April 16, 2010 « J. Neil Schulman

A Valued Critic: Steve Reed

Steve Reed is a California libertarian I’ve known for some time, mostly through our both attending libertarian functions. He attended the screening of Lady Magdalene’s at the 2008 Cinema City International Film Festival, writing one of the best reviews of my movie. He posted it on IMDb, where it counters a campaign of disinformation about my not-yet-widely-seen indie film.

Both on Facebook, and writing comments here, Steve is more than happy to call me out when he thinks I’m being an *******. Good for him! Not that I agree with a lot of Steve’s analysis of what’s wrong with what I write — why would I? — but Steve always provides an honest and intelligent analysis. He leaves no doubt where he stands.

One of Steve’s persistent criticisms has been that I reprint my books and other materials here. Steve wishes I spent more of my days writing new and original material.

Okay, Steve, here you go. You won one!

When I interviewed Robert Heinlein back in 1973, Heinlein told me he made a point of seeking out opinions he disagreed with, because “You can’t learn from a man who agrees with you.” In today’s highly politicized, highly dogmatic, highly binary atmosphere, much of discussion today comes down to little more than “Hurray for my team!”

I’m thinking of finding someone to make giant foam hands partisan fans can wave at political rallies — giant foam hands for Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, etc. You think anyone would get the point?

Steve Reed doesn’t come at me with a giant foam hand, and since I know he reads this column, let me say directly to him:

Steve, here’s one opinionated son of a ***** who appreciates that.

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