Welcome to the 66th Lowland Regiment RA (1939 - 1946)

Welcome to the 66th Lowland Regiment RA (1939 - 1946)
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66 Med Regt RA

An excellent website. I wish that there were more that concentrated on idividual regiments.
One question - did the members of 66 Med Regt RA wear any item of insignia on BD to indicate the Regiment's origins in the Lowlands of Scotland? A tartan patch perhaps?
And one point - there is an excellent painting by former member of 66 Med Regt RA George Meddemmen titled: 228 Bty CP at Carseggio, near Castel del Rio, Emilia, Italy reproduced on the back cover of the book "From Oasis into Italy" (Shepheard-Walwyn, London 1983 (ISBN 0-85683-064-X Pbk)). I think the original is in the Imperial War Museum.

Re: 66 Med Regt RA

Mike, thanks for the compliment but really most of the work was done by those listed on the home page.
I will check out the booklet I have, to see what insignia if any was worn. I checked on the painting you mentioned and it came up on the IWM web site, I will email them and see if I can include it on the site. I know Jim Renwick has a very large print of the battle of Cassino taking pride of place in his bedroom.
I would like to take this oppertuinity to wish you and everybody else a Happy and Prosperous 2010