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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Lamina Saver

Goody afternoon Dr. Getty,

I am writing to see if you have ever hear of a product called Lami Saver for foundered horses?? I have a rescue horse I just got in who is foundered 21 degrees in one and 17 in the other. Any suggestions, we are currently making specialized shoes because we are not able to nail, glue them on we have to make a cage and put screws on the outside walls to hold them on.

Any advice or suggestions on pain management would be great, bute does not work.


Diana Murphy
Voice For Horses Rescue Network

Where are you from? Voice for Horses Rescue Network

Re: Lamina Saver

Hello Diana,

Are you referring to Lamina Saver by Figuerola? Yes, I have heard very good things about it. Their formula is proprietary, so I am unable to fully evaluate it and it is very pricey. However, it may very well be worth it.

I am so sorry to hear about this rescue horse. It’s a pity that the rotation went so far. Often times, if it is caught early, laminitis can be relieved with little to no damage.

You asked about pain management. Bute is not a good idea, as you mentioned, because it can actually worsen the condition. I prefer to use aspirin, for three reasons. One, it is a pain killer. Two, it has anti-inflammatory properties. And, three, and most importantly in this case, aspirin reduces platelet formation in the blood, thereby improving the circulation to the area.

Another way to treat pain is with calcium and magnesium. I don’t know how much of these minerals are in the horse’s diet, however, you can generally safely add more calcium to the diet. Magnesium is also very helpful for pain and the stress the comes with it.

In addition to these items, you may want to give the horse vitamin C, vitamin E, and even the herb, gingko biloba, to improve circulation. I also strongly recommend a probiotic.

I commend you for doing this fine work. Please keep me posted on your horse’s progress.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Re: Lamina Saver

Dr. Getty,

Thank you so much for your kind words and fantastic information. I will defiantly use it to the horses advantage. Do you know where I can purchase this product to at least try.

This horse got laminitis after giving birth and the placenta was retained. The baby died just 3 weeks ago and it was only 3 months. The previous owners believe it or not is a farrier.

I only give this mare about a cup of grain and hay is usually a grass. Right now I am duct taping a soft spongy pad on her every other day to help keep the coffin bone in and give her a little support and protection. She is the sweetest thing and like to flip her head when she is agitated and in pain. Otherwise she is the most well mannered girl although she is in pain.

I will be taking a PIC of her tomorrow and send it to you, I don't like bute at all. So what milligram do I give to a 900# horse?? I will do the aspirin it seems more logical.

Thanks so much for your help, I hope you don't mind me asking questions when it comes to my rescues

We are located in Ohio. Here is our website link:

Diana Murphy

Where are you from? Voice for Horses

Re: Lamina Saver

Hi Diana,

Oh, that is so sad! And, the foal died – why?

OK – one thing at a time. First, and most important – Do not give her any grain. This is critical. She should only have good quality hay. That means mix a grass hay with a legume (such as alfalfa). Do not let her graze on lush pasture until she is better, especially early in the morning. The sugar level (fructans) in the grass is too high.

The Lamina Saver is easy to find on line. Most vet supply companies such as or will carry it. You can do a google search to find the best price.

About the aspirin… you can give her 3 grams, twice a day, to start. Make sure you give it to her with food in her stomach.

Also get a probiotic, such as ProBios. Most feedstores carry it. Give her 20 mg a day until she improves.

Let me know how she’s doing,

Dr. Getty