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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Cracked hooves

Hello Dr. Getty,

My main concern right now is a 2 1/2 year old filly that has problems with her hooves cracking vertically..not so bad as to make her lame but I worry about them all the same.

Is there a suppliment that could help her grow healthier hooves?

Appreciate your time,

Re: Cracked hooves

Hi Lora,

Thank you for writing. I appreciate your concern for your filly.

There are many excellent hoof supplements available. One of the products that I recommend to my clients is Hooflex+ (made by Absorbine). It contains a large variety of nutrients in addition to those that are specific to hoof health, so if you are already giving her a vitamin/mineral supplement, there could be some overlap.

Hoof health is very much like the condition of our nails. When our nails chip and break easily, it is a “snapshot” of what our health is like on the inside. The same thing with your filly. Poor hoof quality can indicate that she is using the nutrients she has available for maintaining more vital organs. But since there aren’t enough, her hooves will suffer the deficiency.

All the best,

Dr. Getty