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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Extreme weight loss

Marty is 12, a pleasure horse, but has been a cribber for a long time. I've been able to maintain his weight until recently when he doesn't get regular exercise. He's lost a vast amount of weight in 6 months, looks like a skeleton, w/pot belly and diahrea. His teeth are worn off in front and in spite of free feed, hi calorie supplements, he'll leave the feed and go crib. he has no colic nor other symptoms. He needs 3-400# to look normal, he's 1/4 qh, 3/4 Arab.

Re: Extreme weight loss


Thank you for writing. From what you describe, there appears to be an underlying medical condition or worm problem here. My first question is whether or not you’ve had him examined by his vet recently. I would recommend that his blood be examined to rule out any disease states that may be causing this problem. Such rapid weight loss is not normal and could be an indication of a problem with his vital organs (e.g., liver, kidney, glands, tumors, etc.). Also, worm infestation should be ruled out through a blood test, as well as a fecal exam. From the bloated belly and diarrhea, it sounds as though this is an issue.

Cribbing is a habit, like many of us human-types have – and it is generally due to stress. The stress could be due to physical problems, lack of exercise, or just be his personality-type. He will definitely benefit from a high B-Complex regimen. There is a product called B-Plex, that I like. But, any B vitamin Complex will be fine. The B vitamins will reduce his stress level and improve his appetite.

Please keep me posted.

All the best,

Dr. Getty