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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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bran and pysllium

Hello I was wondering if you could tell me the proper way to add bran and pysllium to my 3 miniature horses diet. I been told to do the bran once a week but that seems kind of hard on their system. I am a little paranoid about this because I have also lost a full size horse to colic caused by dirt. Can you please help me I dont want to have that problem again.

Where are you from? ca

How did you locate this forum? no idea

Re: bran and pysllium

Hi Kristy,

Horses in sandy areas would benefit from feeding psyllium seed husks. Wheat bran is also beneficial. Both can be fed on a daily basis, in small amounts. I do not recommend feeding them (or any feed, for that matter) on an occasional basis, such as once each week. This can be a problem, and can lead to colic, because the bacterial flora that live inside your horse’s hind gut develop based on the type of feed they are accustomed to having present. So, if you change feeds too abruptly, it can cause digestive problems. And, feeding once each week can problematic for many horses.

So, your minis will likely benefit from ¼ cup of wheat bran and ¼ cup psyllium seed husks each day. Keep in mind, however, that these supplements are very high in phosphorus, and without adequate calcium you can create a calcium/phosphorus imbalance. So, you will want to make sure they get plenty of hay, preferably a mixture of grasses.

All the best,

Dr. Getty