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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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My horse collapsed whilst being shoed

I am very worried about my horse he 19yr old fresianXfell, is normally fit and well, ridden 4-5 times per week. Mainly walking and trotting, he is reasonably fit, not over weight or under looks really well. i compete him every season and was told he didnt have enough sparkle so i have been feeding him a competition mix Alfa A and garlic, he gets 2 feeds per day half the amount in the morning. The competition mix has deffinately given him more sparkle, but im worried im feeding him wrong. Today whilst being shoed he just seemed to collapse to the groung and then within a couple of minutes he got straight back up as if nothing had happened, he seemed a bit stiff on his right hind limb but no other signs. Is he getting too much energy and its caused him to faint or do you think im on the wrong track? Please advise me on his diet id hate to be doing him any damage, hes my pride and joy
Thnks Helen

Where are you from? Northumberland area (united Kingdom)

How did you locate this forum? I searched for a nutritionist via Ask .uk

Re: My horse collapsed whilst being shoed

Hello Helen,

It’s not real clear whether he collapsed due to weakness/fainting or due to pain in one of his legs. Has this happened only once or have you seen similar signs of lethargy on other occasions?

You mention that you feed him garlic. There is a potential problem with garlic and I generally do not recommend it. There is a toxic compound in garlic and onions (plants in the allium family) called N-propyl disulfide. This substance depletes the blood of an important antioxidant, which can lead to anemia (it’s called Heinz-body anemia). The condition can develop gradually where red blood cells continue to be damaged, resulting in a decline in energy level, weakness, and a depressed immune system.

This may or may not be the problem. However, since very little research has been done on feeding garlic to horses, I would at least recommend that you discontinue feeding it.

Continue to observe him and let me know how he is doing.

All the best,

Dr. Getty