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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Beet Pulp Feed

Hi - I have a small farm with 8 horses that I'm feeding and want to keep things simple and healthy. About 2 years ago, I switched to TDI Senior because it is primarily beet pulp based and all of my horses seem to do well on it. the amount I feed is based on the individual's work level and finish. I recognize that it has molasses in it and with the increased scrunity of sugar in feeds, I want to make sure I'm feeding correctly.

All of my horses have paddock or access 24 hours a day at their choosing. I feed a high quality grass hay with a smidgen of alfalfa, and the horses essentially have free choice on the grass hay.

Does it sound like I'm on a good program or one that needs adjusting? Everyone seems to be doing well with the exception of one horse who has a lot of muscle soreness that we are treating with accupunture. This horse is also on Quiessence.

Where are you from? Ohio

How did you locate this forum? Referenced from udbb

Re: Beet Pulp Feed

Hello Glenda,

If your horses are maintaining their weight on the TDI Senior, it likely is fine to continue feeding it, as long as they are not receiving additional carbohydrates from grain.

Offering a supplement that contains Omega 3 fatty acids would be beneficial to their overall health, especially your horse with muscle soreness. Treating with Quiessence may be producing a calcium/magnesium imbalance, since this is a magnesium supplement. I would much rather see you take him off of the supplement and increase his alfalfa intake, instead. This will provide additional calcium and magnesium in the proper proportion, when fed with the other items. You’ll want to continue offering a predominantly grass forage, so you are doing a fine job with that.

So, I would recommend that you feed a flaxseed meal supplement, more alfalfa, and offer your MSM for muscle soreness.

Hope this helps!

Dr. Getty