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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Mare continues to produce milk

I have a 12-yr old mare that has been separated from her foal for 3 months. However, she can still be milked. Her bag is never tight, but her teats are still very large and can easily be milked by hand.

This past winter she developed a respiratory infection that was successfully treated with antibiotics. She was well-fed during her nursing career, and was dropped back to pre-nursing feed afterward.

She is in excellent weight, not overweight or cresty, has big, bright eyes and a nice sink behind them. She shows sign of heat every 21 days.

Should I be concerned? Or will it simply take more time for her to quit producing milk? I want to breed her again this year (in June). Could this be Cushing's syndrome she is developing? Or is a little milk production commonly seen in mares for a long while after they foal?


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Re: Mare continues to produce milk

Hi Joan,

No, this would not necessarily be a sign of Cushings. This question would best be answered by your vet. However, in my experience, my mare continued to produce milk throughout her second pregnancy -- never really stopped after her first foal was weaned. And, all was just fine.

So, she will either eventually dry up or her milk production will lessen.

Dr. Getty :)

Re: Mare continues to produce milk

Thanks Dr. Getty!

I feel better now. I'll get the mare thoroughly vet checked before breeding to make sure everything is OK, but I'm relieved to hear that you have had mares that continue to produce milk well after weaning.

Take care, and thanks again!

Where are you from? KY

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