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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Feeding a yearling


I am looking for advice on what to feed a warmblood yearling that is expected to make 16.3hh? Please help!

Where are you from? Scotland

How did you locate this forum? Search engine

Re: Feeding a yearling

Hello Kat,

There are many ways to go about developing a feeding plan. Basically, you’ll want most of the diet to come from roughage – grass and legume hays and/or pasture. Horses need to be able to graze on pasture or hay 24/7 in order to keep their digestive systems healthy.

A yearling has additional nutrient needs that can be met by feeding a complete commercial ration (that is low in starch and sugar) or you can combine feedstuffs together to make your own, along with a multiple vitamin/mineral supplement.
Clean water needs to be provided at all times, along with a basic iodized salt lick.

Thanks for writing,

Dr. Getty

Re: Feeding a yearling


Thank you very much for your reply, it was very helpful, and an excellent web site!