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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Pregnant mare

My mare is 339 days pregnant but for the last two days she has had a small blood discharge from her vagina and is winking and excreting a milky coloured fluid from her vagina. I have seen the foal move and felt it, but this is concerning me slightly as she is showing interest in other mares. Is this normal or not? She has all the signs as if she is in season. She does have milk and has bagged up in front of her teats and her vulva does look relaxed. Hope you can throw some light on this. There is also a three year old mare at the stables who is with my mare whos teats are like little eggs and producing milk, the vet has been out and said she could be having a phantom pregnancy, how long could this last? Could it need treating.

Where are you from? England

How did you locate this forum? internet

Re: Pregnant mare

Hi Rhona,

I am going to send your question to Theresa Jones, author of “The Complete Foaling Manual” since I know she can answer your question better than I can, since my area of expertise is nutrition. I strongly recommend her book, which you can obtain from my homepage or at I do ship to England.

I can tell you however, that 340 days is a normal gestation for mares and the bloody discharge may very well be the mucous cervical plug. I would keep a close eye on her.

All the best,

Dr. Getty