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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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road founder

Good Morning Dr. Getty, My Brother-in-law has an old HUGH quarter horse he puchased from his friend to keep the horse from being sold thru an auction. The auctions in Texas are animal crulty. Jack is the brother-in-law, he loves animals, however isnt sure what to do about Buba, I think this horse is around 20 yrs old. The story is ,Buba was fed well, treated with out respect, and used as a trail ride horse once or twice a year, with out any prep. so taken out of pasture and ridden for lots of miles. I guess this is why he has the road founder? My little mare Angel is at Jacks place recovering, and this is how I met Buba. Jack is my exbrother-in-law. Ok, with that being said, Buba is about 15.3 hands, is very large built old time stock quater horse. he is so painful, and stocked up in his hocks. Tender, Tender feet, he also looks to have that condition that prevents a horse from sweating Anhydrosis. This is not diagnosed, just what I suspect. He is just starting to shed his winter coat, as I bath him alot and brush. Jack loves the horse but doesnt really know what to do with him. He feeds statagy, and /or safe choice. plus the bahai grass hay, and pasture at lib. Now I know this is a challange. I,d bring Buba home with me if I could. Can,t. My farrier is going out to see if he can help, other than being consistant with a feeding program, what are some simple things he can do? Jack had him on daily dewormer, and stopped. Buba is usually the only horse, with three goats and a chicken he is pals with. Please help me help my brother, to help this dear horse.Buba hasnt hada very loving home. Jack is real sweet to him, however Buba needs more. Angel is about to come home and I,d like to get Buba on a better track. Jack has observed me with Angel and appreciates and sees a different way with being around animals, so I think he will welcome any advise. He would love to have Buba follow him around, or run to him when called.Thank you,in behafe of Buba and Jack,Rhonda

Where are you from? Texas

How did you locate this forum? I was looking for info. about certain type of hay.

Re: road founder

Hi Rhonda,

What a dear fellow Buba must be.

Road founder can be caused by lengthy walking on hard or hot surfaces. But, I gather this long trail ride was a while back, so if his feet are still tender, it likely isn’t road founder.

However, given his age, and the fact that he is just now shedding, he likely has Cushing’s Syndrome, which can cause laminitis. This can be confirmed with a blood test. However, it is very important to eliminate all grain from his diet. So, I would suggest that Jack stop feeding Strategy. SafeChoice is fine. I don’t know what your budget is, but it would be very helpful if you could also add some alfalfa hay to his diet and some magnesium (there is a supplement called Quiessence that is worth getting).

Keep me posted!

Dr. Getty