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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Choosing a multi-vitamin supplement

Hello again,
My two year old is slowly getting stronger, and this is wonderful to see :)

In addition to the Youth (6 quarts divided into 3 servings spread out), and free choice timothy hay, we are adding a multi-vitamin to help him catch up developmentally.

He'll be getting a separate E & Selenium supp - but my question concerns the multi: the barn has Accel, but my vet mentioned that Platinum Performance is his first choice. In comparing the two, it looks like the PP has much more fat content (from flax and flax oil) so I am leaning towards that (even though he already gets a cup of pure ground flax a day). But then another acquaintance remarked that PP's micro mineral and vitamin levels are not "adequate" enough to be of any help. Is that true? I thought it was supposed to be highly effective for a case like my 2 yr old. What do you think? Other than the fat content, it seems fairly similar to Accel. Should I be looking at still another option?

I'm just looking to find the optimal choice for him.

Any input is, as always, tremendously appreciated!

Best, Sondra

Where are you from? Connecticut

How did you locate this forum? Chronicle forumite

Re: Choosing a multi-vitamin supplement

Hello Sondra,

Platinum Performance is an excellent supplement. However, the numbers listed are for a 4 ounce serving (4 scoops), so if you feed less than that, you would have to reduce the amount of each nutrient. And, yes, the mineral content (especially zinc and copper) are not as high as they ought to be for a growing colt.

The fat content is not necessary since you are offering flaxseed meal. And, I like Accel better because it also contains microbials and digestive enzymes, as an added boost to the digestive system. Normally, a colt would not require digestive enzymes at his age, however, since his system has been compromised, it is worthwhile adding these.

I am so pleased to hear that he is doing better!

Good things,

Dr. Getty

Re: Choosing a multi-vitamin supplement

Wow, that is worthy info! I'm so glad I wrote to you. This also means that I will save some money because the barn does not charge for Accel.

Thanks again :-)

Where are you from? Connecticut

How did you locate this forum? Chronicle forumite