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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Horse allergic to bug bites

Hi Dr. Getty,

My 17 year old qh gelding tested positive for allergies to bug bites, so this time of year he is quite miserable. I am hoping that you can recommend something that might help him cope with the flies somewhat. The only supplement that he gets at the present time is Biotin II - 22X. He wears a fly mask and leg wraps and I keep the barn cleaned up - out there 4 times a day. I also use the fly predators, so there really aren't that many flies, but he has a fit if just one or two are around.
Thank you. Donna & Barney

Where are you from? Millville, New Jersey

How did you locate this forum? While looking up Purina Feeds

Re: Horse allergic to bug bites

Hi Donna,

You’re doing a good job of managing the fly infestation. I have found that a B complex preparation, such as B-Plex, is beneficial in repelling flies and calming the nervous system. In particular, Thiamin (vitamin B1) seems to serve well as a fly repellent. Some people swear by using apple cider vinegar. There is no harm in trying it, however, I have had better results with the B vitamins.

Keep me posted!

All the best,

Dr. Getty