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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Uckele Products

Hi Dr. Getty & members,

Thank you again to Dr. getty for all the help your provide here. I also very much appreciate the 'personal touch' of your emails. Thank you.

Thought this would be a good place to post this question; What do you think of the products that Uckele puts out?
They have an excellent catalog loaded with good info and charts.
One I am interested in does list the ingredients, but I am needing to be positive is doesn't contain any Devil's Claw. It's called 'Pain X'.(For chronic pain relief, long term)
The others are some joint supplements:
Lubrun Plus
their MSM
Yucca Saponin
They carry a Cocosoya, but in reading the forum posts, I know now that it's not a good thing. That rice bran oil is best. From what they state in the catalog, I would have tried it, so I am sooooo glad I came here to read first!!
Their products for adding sugar free 'flavor' to feed mixes: 'Equi Sweet' molasses, cherry or apple flavors.

Guess that's enough for one post!!
Their URL:

I hope maybe other members here will find this post and your reply helpful also.
Thank you so very much.

Where are you from? Wyoming

Re: Uckele Products

Hi Joanie,

Well, Pain X is a combination of two amino acids, phenylalanine and leucine. They claim that these two amino acids reduce inflammation. I do not have a lot of confidence in that claim. And, I seem to recall you mentioning something about having a pregnant mare. I would not give phenylalanine to a pregnant mare -- it can cross the placental barrier.

You’re right about Cocosoya – too much soybean oil can increase inflammation. Some is ok, but I do not like to supplement it. Rice bran oil is fine. Flaxseed oil is really best, in moderate quantities, especially as part of flaxseed meal.

OK, next… Phyto quench – I have no idea. It simply says that it contains antioxidants. Which ones? How much of each? No listing on their website. So, I can’t give you an intelligent answer.

Equi Sweet – what makes it sweet? Doesn’t say. Certainly, I would never give a horse an artificial sweetener. And, if it is made from pure juice, say pure apple juice, then it certainly has sugar, just not added sugar. And, if these products are nothing more than pure fruit juice, it's a whole lot cheapter to buy them at the grocery store!

Sorry I couldn’t be more positive about these products. I like a company that lists the ingredients and the amounts. That is the only way it can be evaluated.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Re: Uckele Products

Hi Dr. Getty,
Please, no apologies!! Just the fact that you are wondering about what's in these products sends up a red flag. I won't bother with any of them and continue my quest to get my mares on the 'right track'.
In fact, Doc, I have 3 preggie mares (I hope). The one mare that I need to help with her pain, never has any inflamation, she just goes lame. Xrays showed arthritus in her hocks and a front knee. I am going to use an equine massage vet's niece is one (certified) and she worked on 2 mares, the one with arthritus and the other one we believe has a sore back(I had an equine chiropractor adjust her a few years ago, but he is also way to expensive) The therapy seemed to work at the time, but it's so expensive I can't follow thru with it on a regular basis. But I am having her out again sometime this month.
Meantime, my vet will be here as soon as my one weanling has shipped off to his new home, and we'll do a complete evaluation on the mares physically and also draw blood for nutrtional analysis.

Thanks so much for your feedback on the Uckele products...I know I will be ordering products from you, but I need to get all my 'ducks in line' first.
I cannot explain how grateful I am for your web site...
PS...I got your URL added to one of the LINK pages on my web site....I hope a lot of folks see it and come here to learn. I don't require a reciprical link...I just wnated to add you because your service is excellent.

To be continued....

Where are you from? Wyoming