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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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hard keeper

I have an 8 year old TWH about 16 hands gelding. I trail ride him in the summer. I currently feed him Triple Crown Complete twice a day with about 3 scoops of Hard Keeper daily. He is on pasture 24 hours. His ribs are not visible at all, just his hip and rump bones, however he is putting on some weight. He has been on the Triple Crown Complete and Hard Keeper for about 5 weeks. My question is you also recommend Ration Plus for hard keepers. How do I know which is better for putting on weight? The Triple Crown Complete also has rice bran and beet pulp in it. Should I take him off of the Hard Keeper and put him on Ration Plus? He is wormed every two months and his teeth checked every year.

Where are you from? Mammoth Cave, Ky

How did you locate this forum? on website referred by Vita Flex products

Re: hard keeper

Hi Jeani,

You are doing an excellent job! I would not take him off of Hard Keeper. But I would suggest that you add Ration Plus to his feeding regimen. Ration Plus does not add calories. Instead, it helps your horse derive more calories from the roughage he is eating by boosting the health of the bacteria living in the hind gut. It is very effective.

Keep up the fine work!

Dr. Getty