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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition

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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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hot horse

Hi!! Great website. I just have one question. I own a very hot TB, currently being used for jumping. What would be a good feed for him to knock down some of his hyperness yet keep him healthy and fit. Thanks for any info.

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Re: hot horse

I just wanted to add a little more. He is turned out 24/7. He has grass all day, and good quality hay and alfalfa pellets He gets ridden often, but is a nightmare at shows. I just started him on Ultium feed, but that is pretty pricy. Any feed compare to ultium?

How did you locate this forum? internet

Re: hot horse

Hi George,

Yes, Ultium is more expensive than some others, but if your horse is performing regularly, it is worthwhile. Another feed that you can look into is Triple Crown Low Starch.

I have two recommendations to help him calm down. One is Ration Plus. This will help his bacterial flora produce more of the B vitamins, which calm the nervous system. We can always supplement B vitamins, but getting the bacterial flora healthy is the first step. So, Ration Plus would be the best way to start.

The second suggestion, in addition to Ration Plus, would be to try Modipher EQ Mist before shows. It is very effective and is not a drug. There is a link to it on my homepage where you can read more about it.

Keep me posted on how he’s doing!

Dr. Getty

Re: hot horse

I started my TB on Quiessence and noticed a big difference. He's an anxious horse -- a cribber and a weaver -- and within a few days I saw a marked reduction in these behaviors and a general calming. I'd tried him on several other calming supplements and really had seen little difference. The only other one that had helped him was Platinum Performance Tranquility. The main ingredient there is Relora and I was able to find it a human supplement for less $.

I already had this horse on a low starch diet (Ultium) and 24/7 turnout.

Where are you from? Boston Area

Re: hot horse

Hi Liz, Just lurking here, but we also had a very hot QH we used for trails and we used the Quinnence and B-Plex and saw an amazing difference, he was such a pleasure to take to the trails. We have since quit the Quinnence and b-plex and are just using the Glanzen and he is still a very calm good boy. THANKS DR. GETTY, YOUR WORTH YOUR WEIGHT IN GOLD

Re: hot horse

Hi Liz and Vicky,

Thanks for the feedback on Quiessence and B vitamins (BPlex). The reason they work so well is because they address a borderline deficiency in the horse's diet. Each horse is unique and some horses have a higher need for particular nutrients than others, creating a deficiency that isn't remarkable, but there, nevertheless.

Congratulations on doing such a wonderful job with your horses! I know they appreciate you for it.

Happy Holidays!

Dr. Getty

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