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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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weight gain for TB

Hi again,
I have read almost every post on this forum and now a bit confused, my TB is 14 yrs and I can't keep weight on him all summer he had unlimited grass, but he didnt put a pound on his back hips or withers.Now with fall here I dont know what to do to get weight on him, last winter he was getting a 70lb bale of timothy hay each day and never put a pound on.It is not cold here yet but he was shivering yesterday when it rained, I felt so sorry for him that I put his summer sheat on him and put his winter banket in the dryer,You could just see how good the warm banket felt on him Now for feeding I just bought Unifeed Senior feed,it did not come with an ingredient list but it did come with the guaranteed analysis:
C.protein(min)14.0% C.fat(min)4.5% C.fibre(max)12.0% and they call it a pelleted extruded feed
now for my question since he is underweight how many #'s per day do I feed of this.On the bag it says to feed 1-5lbs per day and 17-21 lbs of hay per day,last winter he was eating 70lb bales a day . And should I feed beet pulp as well?
and how many #'s per day of the pulp.Also how much flaxseed should I feed per day, he gets unlimited grass hay and is there anything else I should be feeding. Sorry this is so long just trieing to tell you everything I can.
Thank You so much!!!!! you are awesome
P.S, sorry one more question my TB groans when he passes his manure,like a real "oh that felt great kinda groan" is that normal?

Where are you from? canada

How did you locate this forum? internet search

Re: weight gain for TB

Hi Jenni,

You are wise to get him a complete ration. I would be delighted to help you with how much to feed, and how much flaxseed meal, beet pulp, etc., to feed. But, I really need more information about him to give you a professional assessment. So, perhaps you would benefit from a phone consultation.

One thing that I very much recommend is Ration Plus. With him eating all that hay, and not gaining any weight, it indicates to me that he is not properly digesting this forage. A healthy amount of bacteria in the hind gut is critical for this digestion to take place. Ration Plus will fix this problem.

To give you a general amount to feed, you can start with 1 pound of the complete ration, twice or three times each day. Build up slowly, but no more than 3 lbs at each meal.

But, there may be other reasons for his being underweight that need to be examined. So, I hope you'll consider spending some time going over his overall health.

All the best,

Dr. Getty