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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Ongoing Diarrhea

Hi again

My horse has been having a problem with diarrhea since I got her in August this year. She is 15 years old and in good health, I sent a sample of her faeces to be checked a couple of weeks ago and it turned out she needed to be dewormed which we have since done. I thought that this would sort out the problem but clearly not! She still has cow pat like faeces. Below is her diet:

Ad lib Grass mix at night
1.25kg 12% protein low energy cubes (a complete balanced meal)
60ml Linseed oil
1 scoop of Rejuven mix (can be seen at
1 scoop Protexin probiotics

My horse is out in the paddock from 8am - 6.30pm sometimes later.

Would the herbs be causing the diarrhea? What should I do to help her while she has the diarrhea - ie. electrolytes etc. and how much? I am quite annoyed that the condition has not improved and I'm not sure what else to do?

Hope you can help!

Where are you from? South Africa

How did you locate this forum? -

Re: Ongoing Diarrhea

Hi Christine,

Yes, the herbs may be aggravating the diarrhea. I would also stop feeding the linseed oil until she improves.

How many CFUs are in the probiotic you're feeding? It should offer her numbers in the billions (10 to the 9th power). Can you find a prebiotic, such as Ration Plus? This works so well for diarrhea and I've had good success with it. But, shipping would be quite high, I expect. Take a look at the website -

This will give you an idea of what it is, so perhaps you can find something similar in your area.

In all likelihood, the diarrhea is due to the worm problem. She may need to be wormed using a double dose of fenbendazole, for five days. Speak to your vet about this.

Keep me posted!

Dr. Getty

Yes, feed her electrolytes -- she definitely needs them. And, if her feed is high in starch, look for a low starch feed.

Re: Ongoing Diarrhea

Thanks so much for the advice - I will definitely have a chat to him as he is coming this Friday :D