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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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senoir horse nutrition

I have an almost 30 year old Morgan/Arabian cross, who is a retired jumper/eventer, who is ridden occassionally in the summer months. He has issues with colic off and on since he turned 24. I am currently feeding him Purina senoir horse chow and Blue Seal senoir horse, mixed with beet pulp, oil and salt. He is also a chronic cribber, even with the Miracle collar--which he wears all the time.My main problem is trying to keep weight on him. I was just wondering if there were any supplements that could help with this, and not present an increase risk for colic. P.S. I have also run a full blood screen on him and all was normal. Thanks for any help!

Where are you from? Kingston, Nova Scotia, Canada

How did you locate this forum? google internet search

Re: senoir horse nutrition

Hi Kyla,

My first suggestion would be to try removing the collar. It's not working very well, and is causing him undue stress, making it difficult for him to get enough calories from his feed (due to the stress placed on the bacterial flora and his digestive system). This can lead to colic, as well.

I would recommend two things -- Ration Plus and a B Complex preparation such as B Plex. Ration Plus will boost the health of his bacteria living in the hind gut, making it possible for him to get more calories from his feed.

B Plex will provide high dosages of B vitamins, thereby calming down his nervous system, making his less likely to crib, and will increase his appetite, as well.

I'm assuming that his teeth have been floating regularly -- this is a major cause of weight loss. And, if he is able to eat hay, provide him with a flake of two of alfalfa, if possible, for the extra nutrients he needs, and additional calories.

Hope this is helpful.

Keep me posted.

All the best,

Dr. Getty