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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Hi! Love your website.
Am wonderng if my 8 year old TWH gelding has ulcers.
He is on pasture 24/7,fed twice a day with Triple Crown Complete. Also have him on Ration Plus (2 tablespoons) He won't eat his feed when not on Ration Plus. Have tried taking him off but loses weight when not on Ration Plus. He is a very hard keeper. He also tends to be a bit grumpy when riding him. He is wormed every two months, no diarrhea,but was told he may have ulcers because of some signs. If he has ulcers what should I use and also how long should he be on the Ration Plus? It seems to be a little costly to have him on be Ration Plus indefinitely but worth it for his weight gain but if it could be ulcers, I need to do something different.
Am really stumped about what to do for him. Any advice would be appreciated.


Where are you from? Kentucky

How did you locate this forum? have used it before

Re: Ulcers?

Hi Jeani,

Actually, Ration Plus will help heal his digestive system to help with ulcers. But, in addition to that, I have a few suggestions...

First, instead of Triple Crown Complete, switch to a low starch feed such as Triple Crown Low Starch or to their new "Safe Starch" feeds. Triple Crown Complete contains oats, which increase the secretion of stomach acid, thereby aggravating an existing ulcer.

Second, increase the amount of fat in his diet. He needs the extra calories, plus this will help his stomach. I would recommend flaxseed meal. Nutra Flax is the one that I use and recommend because it does not have added grain like Omega Horseshine, for example.

Third, he could benefit from extra vitamin E. This will help his tissues heal by reducing oxidative stress.

And, finally, if he were my baby, I would give him a large amount of BPlex -- a B complex preparation that will act in several ways to get him back on track. It will help heal his ulcer, calm his nervous system, and help him gain weight. Also, by adding B Plex, you will likely be able to reduce your Ration Plus to half of what you are currently giving him.

I know I've given you a lot of things to add. But, ulcers can be cured if given a chance. You're doing the right thing by offering him hay and/or pasture 24/7. Make sure he has clean water available, as well, at all times. And, go easy on running him -- exercise is good, but running causes the stomach acid to move to the upper area of the stomach where it is more vulnerable.

Keep me posted.

All the best,

Dr. Getty