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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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20 Yr old Paint, losing weight

I am so glad I found this site! I am writing to ask your help on how to put weight back on a 20 something Paint horse who has been bullied by his pasture mates over the winter. We had him by himself all summer and he put on some good weight and went in to the winter (and back to the barn with the stablemates) in good health. We had to move him back in to the indoor stall by himself this past weekend as they have gotten increasingly nasty and steal his food and run him out of the hay. He's my favorite, and I am afraid we're running out of time with him. We currently offer him hay whenever he wants it, and Triple crown senior twice daily with the occasional fresh carrots etc. as our 'happy to see you' treats. We also added in the weight gainer powder last summer which seemed to help him quite a bit. What, if anything, should I try differently to help my 'baby' through until the grass is greener and he can come back to the summer pasture, where he doesn't have to fight for his food? He's very upset at being locked in the stall all day, but he's not strong enough to fight them off for his food. I'm so upset!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Where are you from? Pennsylvania

How did you locate this forum? Search on the net

Re: 20 Yr old Paint, losing weight

Hi Kim,

Have you though of putting up an electric fence so you guy can have his own space in the field?
I have a TB that lost a lot of weight this winter due to his pasture mate not bulling but just being able to eat A LOT quicker than he could and I really didn't know that, so now I have put up the electric fence and he can eat his hay and dinner in peace and graze when he wants to.
He is very happy now, so I hope mabey that idea helps you out a bit.


Where are you from? Canada

How did you locate this forum? internet search

Re: 20 Yr old Paint, losing weight

Hi Kimberly,

This sounds more like a management issue than a nutrition one, since he was doing well while being able to eat adequately. So, anything you can do to keep the other horses away from him during feeding time would be ideal.

Since he does tend lose weight easily, however, I would keep his B vitamin intake up as much as possible. B vitamins are very helpful during stressful times and this will help his stress response as well as his weight management. Consider giving him B Plex -- 2 ounces per day.

Please keep me posted.

All the best,

Dr. Getty