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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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weight loss

I have an 18 year old TWH gelding and a 16 year old TWH gelding that are losing weight. The 18 year old has a cracked and chipped leg. It has been this way for about 5 years now. He can't be ridden because of the pain and he is constantly losing weight. He was a little overweight when it happened but I don't want him losing too much weight. I'm not too worried about it since summer is coming but what do I need to feed him next winter. He is currently getting 1 pound of Golden Years Supreme and 1 pound of Wrangler's Choice from the Co-op plus pasture and hay.
The 16 year old has always been a "hard keeper" but had been doing really well up untill this past winter. He began dropping weight in the middle of the winter. He was getting 2 pounds of Golden Years Supreme and 1 pound of Wrangler's Choice with corn oil, Red Cell, and I think it was B 6 vitamins along with all the hay he would eat. What could I do to keep weight on him next winter.

Where are you from? Oneida, TN

How did you locate this forum?

Re: weight loss

Hi Laura,

Weight loss is often caused by poor teeth and poor digestion. So, first make certain that their teeth are in good shape and have been floated within the last year.

To allow for weight gain, the digestive system, in particular, the bacterial flora living in the hind gut, need to be healthy. So, the best thing I can recommend is to give them Ration Plus. This will very likely put weight on them and help them maintain a normal weight into the winter.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Re: weight loss

Hi Dr. Getty,

Is there any substitute for ration plus? Because it's not available here in our place.

Re: weight loss

Hi Herbert,

I can ship Ration Plus to anywhere in the world. Where are you located?

Dr. Getty

P.S. Ration Plus, in terms of weight, is beneficial for helping horses gain weight, not lose weight. It has many other benefits, as well.

Where are you from? Colorado

Re: weight loss

Dr. Getty, I have a 22 year old appy gelding who has lost some weight. I just got him this spring and I have trail ridden him some and I just figured the weight loss was due to the exercise he was getting. I had his teeth done and he is on senior feed plus he has access to all the hay he wants and he was on pasture before this. He has put some of his weight on since I have started him on the senior feed but not all. What would you recommend. Thanks, Debbie

Where are you from? Illinois

How did you locate this forum? friend

Re: weight loss

Hi Debbie,

Sounds like you are making progress toward his gaining weight. To give your efforts a boost, consider adding Ration Plus to his diet. I would also recommend a high-fat supplement such as Nutra Flax (flaxseed meal) or Hard Keeper to add additional calories to his diet.

Keep me posted!

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO