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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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surgical colic-nephrosplenic entrapment

Dr. Getty,
I recently imported a 6 y.o. gelding rom Germany. He had been here for 2 wks. when he had a colic (gas) and entrapment of the spleen. He was rushed to K State Hospital 3 hrs away, and they were sucessful in administering a drug (?) and jogging him and the colon returned to it's proper place. Went to a 2 week horse show 10 hrs. away. Showed him in 6 y.o. jumper classes. No problem. Home for 2 weeks and again the colic. This time he had to have surgery. He trturned hom last night after 10 days in hospital. Rec. is for feeding grass hay, decrease the amount of concentrate (does this mean grain).
Not only is this horse very expensive, but I love him and don't want to have him undergo anything further if there is something I can do to help him. Please advise. Thank you.

Where are you from? Kansas

How did you locate this forum? rec. by K State Vet. Teaching Hospital

Re: surgical colic-nephrosplenic entrapment

Hi Betsy,

I'm really sorry to hear about your horse's colic episodes. They are very frightening for you, as well as quite painful for horse.

My first impression from reading your message is that he has endured a great deal of stressful change in his life. The journey from Germany alone can cause colic. And then he travelled again a couple of weeks later to perform in a show. I would suggest that you give him three months, at least, to settle in to his new home before traveling with him. This will definitely make a difference.

From a diet perspective, grain may be a problem and then again, it may not. It truly depends on a lot of factors, including his prior health, his performance history (i.e., might he have an ulcer?), the amount you are feeding, etc. I rarely suggest this on the forum, but I feel that a private consultation would be very helpful in your situation because there are details that just can't be addressed in a simple forum message. So, please let me know if I can assist you further.

All the very best,

Dr. Getty