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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Sore Hooves - Low Starch diet?

Hi Dr Getty,

You were a great help two years when my big Oldenburg was suffering with fibromyalgia after colic surgery. (He had a mild founder after the surgery...probably stress.) I was able to treat him nutritionally while the vets just scratched their heads trying to figure out what was wrong! Thank you!

He is currently getting TDI Senior, Glanzen 3, Hylamotion, and Ration Plus plus free choice grass hay and 24-hr turnout. And he looks great...maybe a little chubby from lack of exercise.

In June I began transitioning him to barefoot. His feet were pretty pathological (underslung heels, flat soles, overgrown bars) from years of incorrect shoeing before I bought him. His hoofs are looking much better structurally, but he is still very sore, landing toe first, not much digital cushion, ouchy on hard ground. My trimmer (AANHCP certified) thinks it may be too much sugar in the diet (molasses is the 2nd ingredient in TDI Senior). Maybe even chronic mild laminitis.

So finally, my nutrition question is, What should I feed him instead of TDI?….Nutrena Safe Choice, Triple Crown Low Starch, Evergreen Mills Omegatin, or Purina Ultium. Are they all about the same? Nutrena is a little stingy with their data. (and he’s a cribber, prone to ulcers, so easy on the tummy is important)

Thanks again for all your help. I have two degrees in Animal Agriculture and have learned more about equine nutrition from your website than I did in 6 years of college.

Where are you from? Pflugerville, TX

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Re: Sore Hooves - Low Starch diet?

Hi Martha, sorry to butt into your post but did I read this right with you saying your horse has fibromyalgia? Didn't know horses could get that as I have it. Just wondering. And by the way I have all 3 of my horses on Triple Crown Lite, great feed!

Where are you from? ill

Re: Sore Hooves - Low Starch diet?

Hi Vicky,
You're not butting in at all. This forum is about education. Let's all learn together.

Search the forum for "fibromyalgia". My original post and all the responses are out there. There is not a lot of research out yet on Equine Fibromyalgia Syndrome (EFMS), but a Dr. Bishop...Brenda, I think...has a paper out on the subject. She uses anti-fungal medication, but my guy recovered very quickly on nutritional supplements recommended by Dr. Getty.

Thanks for the Triple Crown endorsement. I understand it's a good product. I am curious as to what Dr. Getty thinks about all the low starch feeds out there.

Where are you from? Pflugerville, TX

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Re: Sore Hooves - Low Starch diet?

Hi Martha,

What a lovely message -- thank you for the wonderful feedback and your very kind words! I'm am thrilled that I was instrumental in helping your horse and in furthering your education.

A low starch feed is your best bet, as you know. Safe Choice is "likely" fine, but there is little information available regarding the exact ingredients. So, if you have access to Triple Crown feeds, go with the Triple Crown Low Starch. I would also recommend giving him Quiessence to help with his insulin response and thereby preventing laminitis. I would recommend giving him 2 ounces per day.

Please keep me posted.

Best regards,

Dr. Getty

P.S. Feed ingredient lists, just FYI, are not listed in order of concentration on animal feeds labels, like they are for human foods. It's a shame, because it would be helpful to know what the main ingredients are, but there is no requirement to list them in any particular order.

P.P.S. Thanks, Vicky for the suggestion -- always appreciated!

Where are you from? Bayfield, Colorado