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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Loose stools, Quiessence & Sand Colic

Another horse, anothe problem. My MFT mare had loose stools all Summer. She was "dry lotted", fed grass/alfalfa hay, and I tried Omega's Horseshine and pure MSN, but quit when the loose stools started. Ultimatly, she colicked, so my vet came and took bllod etc. Found nothing! She colicked again, and the Vet started her on Quiessence for the loose stools and something worked as she did firm up and was feeling pretty good. Again she colicked and I called a different Vet who is closer to my ranch. He tested her for sand and she was loaded. Treated her with Sand Clean and she has been fine so far. Also am feeding her in a manager etc. No mats as she is outside, no barn etc. Have been able to increase her hay to almost 20 lbs (I had her down to 16 as I felt she colicked when she was too full, not a proven fact)She is feeling ghreat, fun to ride again. She has always been too heavy, but not now! Looks pretty good, no hard neck etc.

She also gets the Vit/Mineral supplement for our SE deficiency, 1 oz. Quiessence, 1 cup whole oates, 18-20 lbs grass/alfalfa hay.

Questions are: stay on Quiessence, could sand have been the cause of the loose stools, Glanzen, flax meal.

Sorry this was so long!

Penny Pickett

Where are you from? SE Oregon

How did you locate this forum? looking for info on "natural" feed & barefoot trim

Re: Loose stools, Quiessence & Sand Colic

Hi Penny,

Quiessence will not cure loose stools, so I don't see the need in keeping her on it. And, Horseshine's flaxseed meal product contains oats, which I do not recommend. That is why I only recommend Nutra Flax because it is a pure flaxseed meal product. But, since you're already giving Glanzen, you really don't need to add more flaxseed meal. Glanzen is flaxseed meal based.

Giving her a psyllium seed husk product is a good idea and it was likely the sand that caused the colic.

While I don't often recommend this on my forum, at some point you may want to go over your horses' entire diets and make sure you've got all your bases covered and that there aren't any overlaps. I'll be happy to help you with that.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO