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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Daily dewormer without sugars or alfalfa

I need to find a daily dewormer that does not have any alfalfa or molasses or sugars added. My horse is Cushings/IR and reacts very badly and goes extremely lame when dewormed.
I thought I was going to lose her this last time I dewormed a couple weeks ago. But, I had no choice but to deworm her when the fecal sample showed moderate Strongyles. This last time I used Strongid and the time before - Fenbenzodole (which was many months between deworming because she was lame for months after that time) I really need to do Ivermectin because of bot eggs but am very afraid at this point.
She is very sensitive to anything added to her diet. She is on a very strict diet of low nsc hay and custom minerals and other meds.

Where are you from? MN

How did you locate this forum? reading for years

Re: Daily dewormer without sugars or alfalfa

Hi Kelly,
I have a TB who also would go lame, to the point of all hooves developing abcesses, every time I wormed her. After a lot of research I decided to try her on diadimatious earth. I have had on it for 2 years and have a fecal done every six months. Surprisingly, to me and to her vet, there has not even been an egg in her fecals since I started her on it. My mare lives in a large herd on 50 acres, so I know that she is exposed to parasites, and she is very food sensitive, but this product seems to be working for her.


Where are you from? Oregon

How did you locate this forum? friend

Re: Daily dewormer without sugars or alfalfa

Hi Kelly and Kelly

I would recommend that you contact the manufacturer of various ivermectin pastes to see what fillers are used. I have worked with Cushings horses for years and frankly, have not come across this as a problem. However, I understand your concern.

Diatomaceous earth may be effective for horses that are kept in one location and not exposed to new horses. However, these exoskeletons can cause microscopic tears in the intestines, which concerns me. And, it doesn't protect against encysted larvae that can be found in the bloodstream.

If you would like to enlist my assistance in further researching products, I'll be happy to work with you.

Please keep me posted.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO