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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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switching vitamins

Hey Dr Getty!
My baby is 9 months old now and I'm still feeding her SafeChoice, Flax, Canola oil and Mare/Foal IIP plus alfalfa and coastal. I was wondering if Glazen would be a good vitamin for her at this point? It would be nice to feed everyone the same vitamin (Her mom and the gelding are getting Accel right now) but I don't want to cut her needs short. What do you think?
I placed my Thoroughbred in a good home... he was the the one getting the Ration plus. Now I am down to three horses.
The gelding we still have coliced last week. I had his teeth floated and he could barely eat for three days (same with my mare) He would try to eat hay but it would just get all soggy and fall out of his mouth. I guess what he did swallow wasn't chewed up small enough and it packed him up... plus he must not have drank enough water. Anyway... I gave him bantamine (sp) and he's ok. He's the one that had the colic surgery a couple years ago.
I guess I'm rambling.......... Do you think the Glazen would be good for all of them?
Thank you!

Where are you from? Texas

Re: switching vitamins

Hi Dr. Getty,
Hope you enjoyed your vacation!
I will leave the baby on Mare/Foal IIP vitamins for her yearling year. Do you think Glazen (they get Accel now)would be better for the other two?
The mom is having some joint issues right now. Her hocks look like she has wind puffs all over them. It's the weirdest thing.
Talk to you when you get back.

Where are you from? Texas

Re: switching vitamins

Hi Lynette!

Happy New Year!

I'm sorry to hear about your gelding's problem with his teeth. Sounds like his floating wasn't done properly. If you can find an equine dentist in your area, that would be best, in my opinion.

About the Glanzen -- yes, you can give this to your 9 month old, though it would be best to keep her on the Mare/Foal IIP a bit longer. When you switch to Glanzen, give her Lysine until she reaches 3 to 4 years of age, to assist with her growth.

Reitsport HA-100 is just like Glanzen but it also has joint support, so this may be more appropriate for your horse with joint problems.

Best wishes,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO