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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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My 23 year old Arabian mare is insulin Reistant

My mare also has Thyroid problems but they are under control with medication. My vet advises that she should have a low carb diet. I don't quite know what to feed her. She weighs about 950 lbs and is moderatley active. Could you suggest a diet. What type of hay and how much, what kind of grains (if any) and how much. I would appreciate any help I can get.
thanks very much,

Where are you from? Ontario Canada

How did you locate this forum? Searching On Horsse Nutrition

Re: My 23 year old Arabian mare is insulin Reistant

Hi Ann - You have definately found a wonderful place to learn what you need to know about your horses. If I may suggest, depending on where you live the Triple Crown feeds are wonderful feeds that are LOW in sugars/starches. We have our 3 on Triple Crown Lite and one of them is 27 years young this year and just thriving. So like I said depending on where your from if you can get it or not but we wouldn't use anything else. Good Luck and I know Dr. Getty will get you in the right direction.

Re: My 23 year old Arabian mare is insulin Reistant

Hi Vicki: Thanks very much for the information on Triple Crown. I am looking into it. Not sure if I can get it in Canada but I will get it from US is necessary.
Thanks again.

Where are you from? Canada

Re: My 23 year old Arabian mare is insulin Reistant

Hi Ann!

Yes, Vicky is correct about Triple Crown feeds -- I hope you are able to obtain this brand, though there are others. The key is to find a low starch/low sugar feed. Such a feed will not contain any cereal grains (no oats, no corn, no barley, no wheat) and no molasses. Instead, low starch/low sugar feeds are made from such goodies as flaxseed meal, alfalfa, soybean meal, grain hulls, and beet pulp.

You can mix your own diet of basic ingredients if you like, and I'll be happy to assist you with that if you find a personal consultation would be helpful. But, if you're able to find a good feed, then this would solve much of the problem.

Your mare would also benefit from extra magnesium and chromium. Quiessence is a product made for insulin resistant horses. It helps lower the circulating insulin levels, thereby reducing fat storage.

Your vet is correct in reducing starch and sugar -- this is very important in order to prevent laminitis -- a common occurence in IR horses. And, remember to stop feeding any sugary treats such as carrots or apples. Skodes Treats are a good alternative or even broken up alfalfa cubes.

So, please let me know if I can assist you further.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO