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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Pregnant, Senior, Rescue Mare

Three weeks ago I rescued a late teenage TWH mare that is VERY skinny and pregnant. She was in a small herd, no grass, and low mare on the totem pole so when they got what little feed/hay they got, she got very little. I had her teeth floated, and her ultrasounded and the vet said she should foal sometime in May or early June. She has gained some weight since I got her but is still skinny. Until two months ago, she also still had her foal from last year nursing on her. I am currently feeding her Purina 300 (10lbs a day), Purina Amplify supplement (4lbs a day), and Grand Hoof pellets + MSM supplement. She has free access to coastal bermuda hay but she doesn't eat much of it. She also doesn't drink much water but she LOVES her grain. I'm worried that I'm not feeding her correctly or enough. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Where are you from? Alabama

How did you locate this forum? From the Complete Foaling Manual page

Re: Pregnant, Senior, Rescue Mare

Hello Rose,

First let me thank you for rescuing this lovely mare -- she is very lucky to have found you!

Give her alfalfa hay -- say 30 to 40% of her hay ration and make sure that she has hay in front of her at all times. Pasture is best, if available.

Give her salt in her meals to encourage her to drink more water -- plus she needs the salt for many reasons, including production of enough milk. Get plain, white iodized salt found in your grocery store and give her 1 tablespoon, twice each day, mixed in with her feed.

Instead of Purina Amplify -- you may want to consider giving her a supplement that is designed for pregnancy such as Mare/Foal IIP.

Finally, give her Ration Plus. This will help her gain weight by boosting the health of the bacterial flora living in her hind gut. The best diet in the world will not be beneficial if the forage cannot be adequately digested.

Happy Foaling!

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO