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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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mare recovering from EPM, eye fungus, etc.

I have a 7 year old mare who has been through hell the past year. She has always been vaccinated, wormed and had the best of care since I got her (age 2). Well, to begin, last June she contacted EPM. It was caught in the earliest stages. She was given 2 rounds (60)days of Marquis anti-protozoal paste. During that time, she was massaged, hand walked and pampered. She made a remarkable recovery! The vet had just okayed her to be ridden again around last October and then she got a horrible eye fungal infection. She had to be stalled in a dark stall for 3 months wearing a mask with a cup over the bad eye. Meanwhile, she was given banamine, atropine, aspirin, and many other medications daily. Her eye had to remain dilated until the fungus was no longer active. It was a nightmare! I got her out daily and walked her with her mask on and then when she started progressing, I had to reassure her of her surroundings--getting her used to using her bad eye again. Presently, I am boarding her with 3 other buddies and she is getting along fine except for having dew poison on her nose. I am treating it with an herbal grapeseed jelly-like remedy now. Today I found out that she is gathering fluid in her legs. She is constantly having a new issue. I am at my wits end with knowing what to do. I have to find an immune booster or something to help her be healthy again. Please help me with any suggestions. THANKS!!

Where are you from? VA

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Re: mare recovering from EPM, eye fungus, etc.

Hi Mandy,

My, my -- poor gal (both you and your mare!). Yes, her immune system is definitely in need of assistance. I would get aggressive with this situation and recommend the following:

1) An antioxidant preparation called PreOx at a 2 ounce/day dose.
2) Additional Vitamin C -- 2 scoops per day, divided between meals.
3) Additional Vitamin E -- 5000 IU per day.
4) Omega 3 fatty acids -- Nutra Flax -- 3 scoops per day.
5) A Prebiotic -- Ration Plus.

These are a lot of supplements but her immune system has been suffering from the EPM and she obviously is developing other infections as a result.

I hope this is helpful. If you are already feeding a vitamin/mineral supplement, you would discontinue its use while feeding PreOx.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO