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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Weight Gain

Hi Dr. Getty,
I have followed your recommendations in the past by adding Glanzen, Ration Plus, and a daily wormer to my mares’ diet. She is a registered TWH mare that is just turning 5 years old. She is in excellent condition, shiny, long mane & tail and good energy. My question is regarding her weight. She is in a green pasture with 24/7 access to hay. She receives about 3 scoops 1/2 12-4 pellets and 1/2 textured grain mix (no sweet feed) per day (increased from 2 scoops which I have not weighed). She has 24/7 access to fresh clean water. She's been on Ration Plus, Glanzen, and a daily wormer for about 7 months. I give her a flake of Alfalfa about 3 times a week. On my most recent order I upgraded to Glanzen Complete. Being in Texas I don't think she needs the extra Selenium.
Her ribs are covered but her hips and back are still more exposed than I would like. Being a TWH she might have a tendency to be hippy but I would like to see more weight on her. I'm wondering if I can add a weight builder even though she already receives flax through the Glanzen. What would you suggest? I plan on getting her teeth checked soon but I don't think she has any serious issues there.
Thanks for your feedback. Sorry for the length!
Angela in Texas.

Where are you from? Texas

How did you locate this forum? Online search

Re: Weight Gain

Hi Angela,

Thank you for writing. Do you have her on a good worming regimen? A daily wormer, with a paste worming 2 times each year (ivermectin and ivermectin/prazaquantel for tapeworms)will keep her in good shape.

I would first recommend that you give her alfalfa every day. This consistency is important for the health of the bacterial flora in the hind gut. They need to have the same type of hay on a daily basis to remain healthy, and hence, be able to digest forage.

The second recommendation is to increase Ration Plus to 2 tablespoons per day until you see her gain weight. Shake the bottle well before adding it to her meals.

A weight builder such as Hard Keeper is fine to add. But, you may want to try these recommendations first.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO