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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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summer sores

Hello, I've owned horses all of my life and have nevered encountered summer sores until this year. I have a three year old gelding (sorrel),that developed a painless ulcerated sore on the corner of his mouth. He eats well, has not lost weight, nor does the sore seem to bother him, only me!
None of the other horses have this problem. We do have a healthy supply of flies this year; I've had fly traps,strips and ect. placed in the stalls
The horses are wormed an extra time in the summer.
Everyday the sore is cleansed with saline solution, dried then dressed with an antibiotic and cortisone cream.
Any advice??????????

Where are you from? farmington, new mexico

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Re: summer sores

any anthelmintic helps...Ive heard that Dichlorvos and Trichlorfon work really well as a topical...but to get rid of it, what are you worming with? ivermectin should get rid of the spurid larvae (stomach worms)...if you are using ivermectin already, i would question your vet about it. hope it helps! best of luck!

Re: summer sores

Thank you Megan for responding
I use Ivermectin paste.
You mentioned Dichlorvos, and/or trichlorfon, I am familiar with these agents and they are effective however, they are an organophostate and have neurotoxic properties.
Again , thank you for your information and time

Where are you from? nm

Re: summer sores

Hello Marlene,

The term "summer sores" is often used for a variety of problems, including seasonal allergies. However, when they exist as you describe, I'm inclined to think that they are due to a Habronema infection (called Habronemiasis) -- a worm larvae that is carried by flies. These are often referred to as "Large Mouth Stomach Worms." Your veterinarian can do a culture of the area to confirm this.

Since you have tried Ivermectin, I would recommend a treatment with Moxidectin.

From a nutritional standpoint, boosting the immune function is very important. There are two supplements to help do this:

First, an antioxidant preparation known as PreOx would replace any vitamin/mineral supplement that you're using.

Second, add Spirulina to the diet to offer additional immune support.

Antibiotic ointment may help prevent a secondary bacterial infection, but it will not cure the worm infestation. So, your vet is your best resource for situation.

All the best,

Dr. Getty

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO