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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Re: Nutrition plan - more of a clarification and more questions

Hello Brandi,

I would like to help you but your situation is complex -- please consider setting up an appointment for a consultation. This forum is designed for questions where I can offer answers in a simple response.

You're right -- if you feed less of the Wellsolve, you can add another supplement -- "supplementing the supplement" if you will. But your hay may have selenium at adequate levels and it would be wonderful if you could have it analyzed -- that would remove the guesswork out of the selenium and iron issue.

About alfalfa -- yes, pellets (moistened) are great and could, in fact, replace the Wellsolve, and you could likely just add the Enrich product.

So, please let me know if I can assist you further.

All the best,

Dr. Getty
Author of Feed Your Horse Like A Horse

Thank you for your response but let me clarify on some things. I live in a medium size town with only 2 feedstores. I am in a boarding situation though I'm currently pre measuring out all of my horses feed, so all my barn owner has to do is pick up the bucket and dump it in my horses feed pans. My barn owner only feeds once a day, and I go out in the evening to feed thier evening meals, I've read that's better then just feeding them once a day even though feeding more smaller meals are best.

Dr. Getty in your reply you said that you were concerned about me giving the full amount of Enrich 32, which could cause overlaps with the Wellsolve L/S. Let me say that I am NOT giving the full amount of the Enrich to my 4 year old Chief - he is only getting 0.4ozs of the Enrich 32 added to his 2.0lbs of WellSolve that he gets in the mornings along with 0.8oz of whole flax seeds. And in the evenings he is not getting any extra supplements, he is only getting 2.5lbs of the WellSolve which is not the RECOMMEND amount that he's suppose to be getting that is on the WellSolve bag. Should I up the feeding amounts to the recommend amounts? And again let me say that when he is on pasture which is every other day his meals get cut back 1/2lbs both in the mornings and evenings. And in your reply you showed concern about too much selenium and iron. If I'm not giving the recommend amount of WellSolve then is he still getting too much selenium and iron? Enrich 32 I do belive is cheaper but as I was doing some reading through some of the other posts I did find out that ADM Alliance does make a Ration Balancer that you recommended GroStrong, which my feed store does offer, but I do want to do a price comparison. Should I email Purina and ask how much the starch and sugars levels are in the Enrich 32? And I don't think I made this clear but my 4 yr old is NOT IR. I'm just hoping to prevent problems in the future by keeping him on a low starch feed.

Oh and I should say that he is undersaddle and I do try to work/ride him when ever possible.

Now my yearling - is strictly on the Enrich 32 - he is not on the WellSolve LS. He's getting 1.8lbs of the Enrich 32, 0.8lbs of whole flax seeds in the mornings and he's getting 0.8lbs of Enrich 32.

For my questions: I've heard you talk about how much alfalfa is good for them, and I can get a hold of some pellets and cubes - pellets would probably be easier to give. Should I be adding alfalfa pellets to both of my horses diets?

And you recommended Glazen Lite Complete, can I add that in with the WellSolve that I'm giving to my 4 year old and the Enrich 32 that I'm giving to my yearling?

Thank you so much for answering my questions!!!


Where are you from? Bayfield, CO