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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Re: simplify my feeding program

Hello Felicia,

There are nutritional gaps in this diet so a comprehensive vitamin/mineral supplement is worthwhile. I prefer one that is flaxseed meal based. Grinding your own flaxseeds can be done but they need to be on a daily basis, since they go rancid very quickly. You're feeding alfalfa -- which is good -- to provide calcium because flax is very high in phosphorus and must be balanced with calcium (hence the benefit of a commercial product).

Magnesium -- provive 5,000 mg per 250 lbs of body weight.

Salt -- two tablespoons per day, divided between meals, at a minimum along with either free choice granulated salt or a plain, white salt block.

Sunflower seeds -- add a lot of fat (and they are overweight). Plus the type of fat (omega 6s) increase inflammation. You're already adding flax, so I recommend removing the sunflower seeds.

These are some ideas. As the season progresses, and if you need help finetuning things, consider a phone visit. That way, I can spend an hour or more on the phone with you going over every detail -- history, diet, medical treatments (if applicable), environment, exercise, etc. to customize a feeding plan that will help your horses lose weight (safely) and reduce their risk of laminitis.

All the best,

Dr. Getty
Author of Feed Your Horse Like A Horse

dr getty
here is what im feeding currently since we last talked weigh taped my horses (btw added one more over the weekend so now im feeding 3 YAY)all 3 are either
Rebel 5 year old quarter geld height 14.3 weight 1250
Sambuka 4 yr old quarter geld height 15.2 weight 1300

1/2 lb beet pulp
1/2 lb alfalfa cubes (both soaked)
2 Tablespoons magnesium
1 Tablespoon white salt
i will be adding 4 oz flaxseed ground and Thiamine soon to all 3 and possibly black oil sunflower seeds

4 yr old quar arab mare 14 hands 900lbs
1/4 lb beet pulp
1/4 lb alfalfa cubes
2 tablespoons magnesium
1 tablespoon white salt

all are on pasture 24/7 was seeded and fertilized 3 years ago with horse pasture mix they also have a salt lick like i said before they are very easy keepers
do you see anything that i could be missing or does it look pretty good and
when winter hits i will add to beet pulp and alfalfa as needed

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO

Re: simplify my feeding program

Hi Felicis,

I recommend you feed two pounds of each, since they've done well with this amount. You can always adjust the amounts as their exercise level increases or decreases.

Dr. Getty

how much should i feed, and should i feed the same lbs of alfalfa and beet pulp such as 2 lbs alfalfa and 2 lbs beet pulp, i have fed both in the past and they did very good, but i was mixing it together to stretch my hay
thank you

Where are you from? Bayfield, CO