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Ask the Nutritionist: Dr. Getty's Forum for Equine Nutrition
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Re: Back / Hip pain

Hello Catherine,

You didn't mention what feed your are using. But, if you are feeding a commercially fortified feed, you'll want to be sure to feed it according to directions, in order to be assured that he is getting everything that is on the label.

Even so, athletes require additional vitamin E and perhaps selenium (depending on how much selenium he is already getting). I like Su-Per E Natural -- he should have 5,000 IU of vitamin E per day during racing season.

Also be aware that race horses typically have ulcers, which can cause back pain. Make sure that he is never on an empty stomach -- that he always grazes on forage, 24/7, day and night. And avoid sweet feeds -- they are also very high in starch, which increases stomach acid production.

You may find my book, Feed Your Horse Like A Horse helpful since I have an entire chapter on the nutritional needs of performance horses.

Be sure he is also getting flaxseed meal. The high omega 3 fatty acid content reduces inflammation and keeps his immune system healthy. You can either feed Nutra Flax or if he needs a vitamin/mineral supplement that is very potent, go with one that is flaxseed meal based: Glanzen Complete.

Finally, I have several clients who give their race horses Body Builder as a way of building strength. It does not test and is all natural.

All the best,

Dr. Getty [:]

Dear Dr. Getty.
My race horse, 5 yr old gel, has reocurring lower back, sacro-illiac and hip pain. He does have very small windgall on off hind fetlock joint. He has had several Acupuncture treatments, podiatrist for his feet. He is on Sea kelp, Vitamin C, and a good diet. I have also changed his saddle, but it seems to be a continous problem. Can you recommend any minerals/vitamins. I could supplement him with that may help.
Many thanks

Where are you from? Waverly, Ohio