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Thanks to all

Since I started on this project over a year ago, I’d put the items on the site
and move on to the next article or video clip and didn’t get a chance to sit
back relax and look at the finished product, but when I did, I remember how
much effort my crew and my friends put into this to make it happen.
Tom Flanagan, Claude Nelson, Ken Sooy, Tom Mc Andrews, Sal Moschella and
Bill Force, I can’t thank you guys enough! I know there were times when I
was somewhat persistant and a pain in the butt and you guys never let me

Now, for all the people on the “appreciation” page, thanks so much for your
efforts and support. Many of you sent me your family’s racing albums, DVD’s
and movies and I hope that we represented your driver, family member, friend
or whoever, with dignity and respect, put a few smiles on your faces and
brought back some memories,if we did then we all did a great job!
Thanks everyone!