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Barney/Siscone car

mrwoo says:
I see that the original Barney/Tony Siscone car has a new paint scheme.
What a realy great history car.
Then Charlie Kremmer ran it and it was really nice.
At least it was still around.
I knew where it was and really wished I had the $ to buy it.
We even gave the owner the correct roof.
Then it went south,I saw the paint scheme and it was probably a faster way to restore the car.
Now another paint scheme,and yes it is really nice and the reason why?
Guess I am a guy who really likes the history of the cars,and getting a real car to re-do is really great.
But the really great history cars are harder to get.
To each his own,but if one really wants to do them,they should do them right.
When I did the repllca of the gold 68 it took almost 4 years.
Yet the guys who built the real cars said it was so close to the original, it was scary.
Yet to see the face on all of the original crew, the family and Pete Frazee,it said it all,to get best vintage car at Motor sports,Reading and Seaview Mall,was nice but to represet the car in the best way was key.
The Morsch cars that I worked on and lettered and drove,Big Marty’s cars were all restored to the way they were originally.
Could you imagine the response if the #14 Barney car was brought back to the way it was originally!
Wow.Tony Siscone,the Barney family………………..
And the memory of names on it, would be even more special.